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After much prayer and consideration, Residential Homecare Services has gently transitioned over to Eric Olsen and Oasis Senior Services.

This was not an easy decision. Residential Homecare Services was in service to seniors and their care needs from 1987 until 2020.  An impressive 33 years of service! It is our hope that as we continue to move forward, this will help serve all of our clients' needs. Eric is friendly and easy to get to know. We all work very well together and it's been great to have him on our team at The Altschuler Group!

Residential Homecare Services: About
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Eric Olsen was born in Oregon and was raised in central San Joaquin Valley. He graduated from WestPoint Academy, spent ten years as an Army officer, and started his corporate career before moving his wife and four children to California to be close to family and aging grandparents. Since returning to California, Eric has lost three grandparents and in each case, his family didn’t have the resources to help make care decisions and had to learn everything for themselves. Oasis is a perfect fit for Eric and his wife/co-owner, Amy. They believe faith and family are the most important parts of life. As your care advisor, Eric will help find the best living arrangement for your individual needs so that you may spend your time enjoying what you love instead of learning about all that comes along with the senior care industry.

Residential Homecare Services: About
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