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Your Team of Care Facility Experts

From senior care to adult care, RCFE, ARF, skilled nursing etc... The Altschuler Group is positioned to help you expand and grow your business as well as be here for you when the time comes to exit the industry.  Maybe you are looking to enter into the industry as a new owner.  We can help.  As former care home owners we understand that selling a care facility is not just the sale of a home, but the sale of a business. We come to you with extensive industry level knowledge, understanding the process when it comes to clients, licensing, confidentiality, timelines, contracts, and the overall transition in general. These things are simply unknown to most Real Estate agents.    With our experience, we can hit the ground running with you as a client.  If you are ready to make a transition or even just considering it, please reach out.  We would be happy to go over your options and discuss all of the possibilities.

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Transition | Property | Finances

For many people the “Golden Years” are really “Years of Adjustment”.  In the best case scenario a couple or individual will plan for their future with a solid and well thought out retirement plan in place.  But as we know, life can change quickly and the unexpected occurs such as an accident, health issue, or simply the passage of time.  It has been our experience that sometimes families are not prepared (through no fault of their own) for the many changes that occur. Not prepared for the quick decisions that must be made, when the need for a transition suddenly arises.

We see these changes as falling into four categories in which we label

  • Transition

  • Property

  • Finances

Any realtor can help you sell your home.  We at The Altschuler Group go a step further, helping our clients when assistance is needed with issues related to a home sale that perhaps they had never considered.  If you think we might be able to help you or your family, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be in touch.  We can simply go over your situation to discuss potential options for now, or for the future. We would happy to help in any way we can. We aim to take as much of the hassle and mystery out of the buying and selling process as possible from the very beginning until the day you close the deal, and beyond. Some of the services we offer include:

Senior Care: Welcome


Are you downsizing to a smaller home?  Have you thought about moving into condo or maybe a gated 55+ community?  Are there health concerns involved requiring assistance with daily needs for yourself or a loved one? New to the Altschuler Group is Eric Olsen. He is our senior care liaison, working with Oasis Senior Advising. He will help advise you, at no cost to you, with all of your senior care needs. 

The Altschuler Group is ready to serve you and your family with all your senior needs, whether it be consolidation of your estate and sale of your properties or assistance the perfect assisted care solution.  Call us for more information.

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The Altschuler Group is part of the number one RE/MAX franchise group in the world.  We will sell your property at top market value.  Maybe you have multiple properties.  We can assist you there as well.  Looking for a replacement property...maybe you are downsizing.  We have a national (and international) realtor network that cross-supports in terms of finding buyers and properties for sale.



Is there a will in place?  Does a family member have financial power of attorney?  Who makes what decisions going forward?  Is this understood by all parties?  We understand with and are comfortable in managing family relationships during times of sudden transition.  Are their retirement funds that need to be considered?  As with placement, we work with a financial group that can advise you and your family regarding such finances, again at no charge to the client.


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