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For many people the “Golden Years” are really “Years of Adjustment”.  In the best case scenario a couple or individual can plan for their future with a solid and well thought out retirement plan in place.  But as we know life can change quickly, the unexpected occurs, an accident, a health issue or simply the passage of time.  It has been our experience that families are sometimes (through no fault of their own) not prepared for the many changes that occur, the quick decisions that need to be made, when the need for a transition suddenly arises.  These changes we see as falling into four categories we label as Transition, Property, Finances, Estate.  We go over these below.  Any realtor can help you sell your home.  We at the Altschuler Group go a step above when needed to help when clients need assistance with issues related to a home sale that maybe the client has not considered.  If I can be of assistance please use the contact link below and I will be in touch.  If you would like to simply go over your situation to discuss potential options for now, or in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I would glad to help in any way I can.  

Thank you,

Terrance Tovar

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Oasis Senior Advisors

Are you downsizing to a smaller home?  Have you thought about a condo or maybe an Elder mobile home community?  Are there health concerns involved?  Is maybe now the time to think about Assisted Living as a potential option or would you be more comfortable in a smaller say 6-bed home?  We work with Oasis Senior Advising.  They can help you find placement (no cost to you).  Have you considered moving to even another area, out of town or out of state even? We can help with decisions like this all at no cost to you.

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The Altschuler Group is part of the number one RE/MAX franchise group in the world.  We will sell your property at top market value.  Maybe you have multiple properties.  We can assist you there as well.  Looking for a replacement property...maybe you are downsizing.  We have a national (and international) realtor network that cross-supports in terms of finding buyers and properties for sale.

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Is there a will in place?  Does a family member have financial power of attorney?  Who makes what decisions going forward?  Is this understood by all parties?  We understand with and are comfortable in managing family relationships during times of sudden transition.  Are their retirement funds that need to be considered?  As with placement, we work with a financial group that can advise you and your family regarding such finances, again at no charge to the client.

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Your Personal  Property

With whatever transition is taking place it usually is a case of downsizing.  What to do with the part of your estate that you will not take with you and that does not got to family?  Is there a car involved?  We can help in this regard as well.  We offer two options where one is we can do the estate for you.  The advantage here is can promote the sale of your home during the sale.  Second is we work with a local estate sale companies that we know and trust and we can contract with them to handle such a sale.

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559-777-0579 or 559-367-0200


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  • Price: Php 5,000,000

  • Property ID: 3431

  • Size: 27.00 SQM

  • Unit Type: 1 Bedroom

  • Condition Type: Fully Furnished

  • No. of Parking(s): No Parking

  • No. of Bathroom(s): 1

  • ​Floor area: 27 sqm

  • 1-Bedroom with sliding door

  • Fully Furnished

  • Well-maintained 

  • Balcony

  • No Parking

Terrance Tovar, Realtor DRE#02097898


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5983 E Dayton Ave, Fresno

  • 5 Bedrooms

  • 2 Baths

  • Garage Spaces 2

  • School District: Clovis Unified

  • Listing Price: $445,000

Terrance Tovar, Realtor DRE#02097898


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